Food and drink

Dining car

Some main line trains and new high speed trains have dining cars. 

TCDD dining car

Dining service restarted in TCDD trains with a new concept in March 2016. Menu has limited main courses and no alcohol. Soup, kebap, sandviches and cold/hot drinks are some examples from the menu. (Click for the menu).

Trains with dining cars are (as of Sep 2018):

In some long distance trains like Kars, Tatvan, Kurtalan, many people bringing their own food.

TCDD’s new dining concept (by Steve Hobson)

Dining service

In some routes, some business and economy class seat are sold with dining service.

Dining service

Dining service including hot meal is served (similar to planes). This option costs 25 TL (4 €) as of Sep 2018.

Trains with dining service:

Snack bar

A part of the one wagon of CAF high speed train sets is designed as snack bar. There are few places to seat. It’s possible to buy sandviches, snacks, cold/hot beverages.

The dining cars in main line trains also sell snacks and cold/hot beverages.

Alcohol is not sold in none of the trains.


In some lines where there’s neither dining car nor snack bar, TCDD gives compliment package. There’s water, fruit juice and snacks in the package.

Compliments are given in below trains:

Optima dining car

It’s possible to buy snacks and beverages in Optima train’s dining car. You can also eat your own preparation in dining car.