Regional train options

EMU sets

Electric multiple units (EMU) are on service in Istanbul (Rotem – E32000), Izmir (CAF – E22000 and Rotem – E22100) and Ankara (Rotem – E23000) suburban lines.

705 - Ankara banliyö treni - Steve
Ankara suburban. Photo: Steve Hobson

EMU sets are also used on Ankara-Polatli route. More are expected to be on service as electrification becomes widespread. 

TCDD started renewing old suburban sets (E14000). There are 67 of them, and they are planned to give service on Istanbul-Adapazari stretch after Marmaray works completed.

DMU sets

Most of the regional train services are given by diesel multiple units (DMU).

Konya-Karaman DMU set. Photo: Berktug Sebin

Rotem DMUs were started to enter fleet in 2000s. There are two types:

MT15000 is 2-cars set produced in Korea with 136 seats. There are 12 of them.

MT30000 is 3 or 4-cars set produced in Turkey under licence of Rotem with 196/256 seats. There are 24 of them.

Seats are 2+2, half in one direction, and other in opposite direction. 

DMU MT30000
DMU MT30000. Photo: Tüvasaş

Some seats have electric plugs nearby.

MT30000 sets have no traction engine in the middle car, thus less noise there.

Each car has one WC. In 3 and 4 car sets, there’s reserved place and WC for wheel chair.

TCDD Tasimacilik has 44 Fiat MT 5500-5600-5700 DMU sets in the fleet.

İzmir-Tire bölgesel treni. Foto: Steve Hobson


Pulman refers to loco-hauled standart coach only with seats in Turkish railways.

In long distances and some short distances with steep inclines, loco hauled pulman wagons are used.

Pulman wagons of regional trains have 74 seats, 2 seats in each side. Half of the seats are in one direction, and other half in the other.

Pulman wagon. Photo: TCDD

Seats are comfortable, distance between seats are well enough.

There’s enough space on top for luggages, table on back of seats.

Wagon has one WCs in each side. Electric plug is available in WC.