Adana train station

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Adana train station
Adana train station. Photo: Jeff Hawken
Adana train station infographic

Adana Station is at 2 km north of city center.

Closest metro station is Vilayet, in walking distance (700 meter). Click for metro timetable.

Closest hotel is Akkoc Hotel, 500 meter away from station.

Adana main bus station is at 6 km west of train station. It’s in the middle of Şehitlik and Şakirpaşa train stations. Some of Mersin-Adana trains call at those stations.

Adana train station timetable

05:45Adana-Mersin regional
06:15Adana-Mersin regional
06:40Adana-Mersin regional
06:56Mersin-Adana regional
07:05Adana-Mersin regional
07:27Mersin-Adana regional
07:30Adana-Mersin regional
07:54Mersin-Iskenderun regional
08:15Adana-Mersin regional
08:16Mersin-Adana regional
08:40Firat Express (Adana-Elazig)
08:45Mersin-Adana regional
09:00Adana-Mersin regional
09:15Mersin-Adana regional
09:41Mersin-Adana regional
09:53Iskenderun-Mersin regional
10:34Mersin-Adana regional
10:36Islahiye-Mersin regional
11:00Adana-Mersin regional
11:14Mersin-Adana regional
11:30Adana-Mersin regional
11:56Mersin-Adana regional
12:00Adana-Mersin regional
12:30Adana-Mersin regional
12:58Mersin-Adana regional
13:15Adana-Mersin regional
13:20Erciyes Express (Kayseri-Adana)
13:36Mersin-Adana regional
14:00Adana-Mersin regional
14:01Mersin-Iskenderun regional
14:33Mersin-Adana regional
14:44Iskenderun-Mersin regional
14:58Mersin-Adana regional
15:00Adana-Mersin regional
15:30Adana-Mersin regional
15:41Mersin-Adana regional
16:15Adana-Mersin regional
16:30Erciyes Express (Adana-Kayseri)
16:31Mersin-Adana regional
16:45Adana-Mersin regional
17:11Mersin-Adana regional
17:20Adana-Mersin regional
17:45Adana-Mersin regional
17:56Mersin-Iskenderun regional
18:09Mersin-Adana regional
18:15Adana-Mersin regional
18:28Mersin-Adana regional
18:45Adana-Mersin regional
18:59Firat Express (Elazig-Adana)
19:03Mersin-Islahiye regional
19:19Mersin-Adana regional
19:43Mersin-Adana regional
19:48Iskenderun-Mersin regional
20:05Adana-Mersin regional
20:23Mersin-Adana regional
20:45Adana-Mersin regional
20:56Mersin-Adana regional
21:30Adana-Mersin regional
21:36Mersin-Adana regional
22:30Adana-Mersin regional
22:49Mersin-Adana regional
Adana train station timetable
(As of 07.01.2022)

Domestic tickets : (322) 453 31 72

International tickets : (505) 375 04 06 / 4095

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