Aydin train station

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Aydin train station
Aydin train station. Photo: Ömer Taşdemir

  • Is accessibility provided at Aydin train station? There’s elevator and/or ramp at station
  • Is there car park at Aydin train station? No car park
  • Is Aydin train station open 7/24? No
  • Is there waiting room at Aydin train station? There’s waiting room in the station
  • Is there locker at Aydin train station for luggages? No locker
  • Is there restaurant/snack bar around Aydin train station? There’s restaurant/snack bar at station
  • Is there ATM at Aydin train station? No ATM
  • Is train pass sold at Aydin train station? You can buy train pass at station
  • Can I buy international train ticket at Aydin train station? No
01:48Goller Express (Izmir-Isparta)
04:20Goller Express (Isparta-Izmir)
06:31Denizli-Izmir regional
07:34Soke-Denizli regional
07:59Denizli-Izmir regional
08:57Denizli-Soke regional
09:39Izmir-Denizli regional
10:43Denizli-Izmir regional
13:14Denizli-Izmir regional
13:15Izmir-Denizli regional
15:01Denizli-Izmir regional
15:03Izmir-Denizli regional
15:45Izmir-Nazilli regional
17:06Izmir-Denizli regional
17:30Soke-Denizli regional
18:18Denizli-Soke regional
18:47Denizli-Izmir regional
19:29Izmir-Denizli regional
20:32Izmir-Denizli regional
20:33Denizli-Izmir regional
Aydin train station timetable
(As of 22.04.2022)
  • Aydin Train Station is just in the middle of city center, on the oppisite site of City Square.
  • There are many pensions and hotels around station: Yandex hotels
  • Aydin bus terminal is 1.5 km on the south of station. You need to take bus for southern regions like Fethiye, no further rail connection in that direction: Terminal map
  • Aydin is 170 km from Adnan Menderes Airport. All trains from Aydin to Izmir are calling at airport. If you prefer bus: Havas

Domestic tickets : (256) 212 99 40 / 71351

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