Bilecik high speed train station

Location, train timetables, ticket office details of Bilecik high speed train station:

Bilecik high speed train station
Bilecik high speed train station. Photo: Wikipedia
Bilecik high speed train station infographic

Bilecik HST station is about 8 km from city center, 3 km on the north of Bilecik train station.

There’s minibus (dolmus) service to city center (No:H1). The service connects conventional train station, main bus station, city center, industrial region and Seyh Edebali University.

Most of the accommodation options are at city center. There are also some options at conventional train station. Online booking may not be easy.

Bilecik high speed train station train timetable

02:26Ankara Ekspresi (İstanbul-Ankara)
02:30Ankara Ekspresi (Ankara-İstanbul)
08:26Konya-İstanbul YHT
09:22İstanbul-Konya YHT
09:24Ankara-İstanbul YHT
09:51İstanbul-Ankara YHT
10:41İstanbul-Konya YHT
12:16İstanbul-Ankara YHT
12:54Ankara-İstanbul YHT
13:34Ankara-İstanbul YHT
14:30İstanbul-Konya YHT
15:27Konya-İstanbul YHT
15:56İstanbul-Ankara YHT
17:44Ankara-İstanbul YHT
19:17Konya-İstanbul YHT
19:21İstanbul-Ankara YHT
19:47İstanbul-Ankara YHT
19:54Ankara-İstanbul YHT
20:51Konya-İstanbul YHT
21:19İstanbul-Konya YHT
Bilecik hızlı tren garı train timetable
(As of 29.12.2021)

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