Konya train station

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Konya train station
Konya train station. Photo: Onur Uysal

  • Is accessibility provided at Konya train station? There’s elevator and/or ramp at station
  • Is there car park at Konya train station? There’s car park at/around station
  • Is Konya train station open 7/24? Station is open 7/24
  • Is there waiting room at Konya train station? There’s waiting room in the station
  • Is there locker at Konya train station for luggages? There’s locker in the station
  • Is there restaurant/snack bar around Konya train station? No
  • Is there ATM at Konya train station? There’s ATM at station
  • Is train pass sold at Konya train station? You can buy train pass at station
  • Can I buy international train ticket at Konya train station? There’s international train ticket office at station
06:00Konya-İstanbul HST
06:25Konya-Ankara HST
06:45Konya-Karaman regional
08:06Karaman-Konya regional
08:21Ankara-Konya HST
08:45Konya-İstanbul HST
08:59Konya Mavi (Izmir-Konya)
09:15Konya-Ankara HST
10:56Ankara-Konya HST
11:09Konya-Ankara HST
11:20Konya-Karaman regional
11:32İstanbul-Konya HST
12:25Konya-İstanbul HST
13:11Karaman-Konya regional
13:16İstanbul-Konya HST
14:13Ankara-Konya HST
14:29Toros Express (Adana-Konya)
15:00Toros Express (Konya-Adana)
15:25Konya-Ankara HST
16:06Ankara-Konya HST
17:12İstanbul-Konya HST
17:18Konya-İstanbul HST
17:55Konya-Ankara HST
18:27Ankara-Konya HST
18:40Konya-İstanbul HST
19:00Konya Mavi (Konya-Izmir)
19:01Karaman-Konya regional
19:31Ankara-Konya HST
19:40Konya-Ankara HST
20:00Konya-Karaman regional
20:50İstanbul-Konya HST
20:59Konya-Ankara HST
22:26Ankara-Konya HST
23:27İstanbul-Konya HST
Konya train station timetable
(As of 19.12.2022)

Connected bus services

Connected buses departing from Konya train station
(As of 19.12.2022)
  • Konya Train Station is close to city center, at 3 km west of Alaaddin Hill.
  • Public transportation to/from train station is poor. Closest tram station is 2 km away, at city center. There’s a bus service between train station and city center (38): Tram route map
  • Konya has important historical places. Museum of Mevlana, Museum of Archeology, Museum of Karatay are some of them.
  • Historical places, hotels and restaurants are 2 km away from the station. Konya is a plain and well planned city, all are in walking distance. There are also some hotels very close to station: Yandex hotels
  • Seb-i Arus ceremonies are held every December in Konya.
  • There are two train stations in Konya city: Konya Train Station and Konya Selcuklu HST Station. Selcuklu is the first stop for HSTs arriving at Konya, close to commercial regions and tram stop. Konya Train Station is second stop for HSTs and only stop for other passenger trains, which is close by historical regions, having city bus service to city center.
  • Cumra is the closest station to Catalhoyuk, one of the oldest ancient cities of world: How to get to Catalhoyuk by train?
  • Konya bus terminal is at north of city, 11 km from city center (map). Tram is passing by the terminal, by which you can get to city center.
  • Konya Airport (KYA) is at 20 km norht of city. There are direct flights to Istanbul and Izmir. There’s shuttle service between city center and airport: Havas
  • Cities having direct train service from Konya: Adana, Karaman, Ankara, Eskişehir, Bilecik, İzmit, İstanbul, Afyon, Uşak, Manisa, İzmir

Domestic tickets : 3323223680

International tickets : (505) 719 06 61 / 185

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