Sivas train station

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Sivas train station
Sivas train station. Photo: Wikimedia

Due to HST engineering works, main line trains calling at this station currently calls at Bostankaya. A shuttle service works between Bostankaya and Sivas stations. Regional trains are calling at Sivas city center, calling at close by temporarily .

  • Is accessibility provided at Sivas train station? There’s elevator and/or ramp at station
  • Is there car park at Sivas train station? There’s car park at/around station
  • Is Sivas train station open 7/24? Station is open 7/24
  • Is there waiting room at Sivas train station? There’s waiting room in the station
  • Is there locker at Sivas train station for luggages? No locker
  • Is there restaurant/snack bar around Sivas train station? No
  • Is there ATM at Sivas train station? No ATM
  • Is train pass sold at Sivas train station? You can buy train pass at station
  • Can I buy international train ticket at Sivas train station? There’s international train ticket office at station
05:04Dogu Express (Ankara-Kars)
06:244 Eylul Mavi (Ankara-Malatya)
07:50Sivas-Divrigi regional
08:46Divrigi-Sivas regional
17:20Sivas-Divrigi regional
19:524 Eylul Mavi (Malatya-Ankara)
20:10Divrigi-Sivas regional
23:03Dogu Express (Kars-Ankara)
23:26Guney Kurtalan Express (Ankara-Kurtalan)
23:26Vangolu Express (Ankara-Tatvan)
00:51Guney Kurtalan Express (Kurtalan-Ankara)
00:51Vangolu Express (Tatvan-Ankara)
02:15Touristic Dogu Express (Ankara-Kars)
22:13Touristic Dogu Express (Kars-Ankara)
Sivas train station timetable
(As of 19.12.2022)

* Guney Kurtalan Express, Touristic Dogu Express, Vangolu Express depart on specific days of week.

  • Sivas Train Station is at south of city, just at the crossing point of three boulevards, next to Turasas wagon plant. Following Inonu Boulevard, there are many hotels and restaurants within a range of 1-2 km.
  • Ankara-Sivas high speed trains will arrive at this station.
  • This station is one of the 3-hrs-stop of Touristic Dogu Express allowing travellers to have city excursion.
  • Most popular historical works of art are the four madrasas in Sivas: Sifaiye, Buruciye, Gok and Cift Minareli. Museum of Ataturk and Etnography and Old Tashan Bazaar are other attractions in the city.
  • Sivas bus terminal is 2 km from train station. Turasas (ex Tudemsas) site is located in between: Terminal map
  • Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport (VAS) is at northwest of city, 22 km from city center. There are direct flights to Istanbul. Shuttle operates between airport and city center: Havas

Domestic tickets : (346) 221 10 91

International tickets : (505) 375 41 75 / 4085

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