Usak train station

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Usak train station
Usak train station. Photo: Metin Serdar Temelci

  • Is accessibility provided at Usak train station? No elevator nor ramp
  • Is there car park at Usak train station? There’s car park at/around station
  • Is Usak train station open 7/24? No
  • Is there waiting room at Usak train station? There’s waiting room in the station
  • Is there locker at Usak train station for luggages? No locker
  • Is there restaurant/snack bar around Usak train station? No
  • Is there ATM at Usak train station? No ATM
  • Is train pass sold at Usak train station? No train pass
  • Can I buy international train ticket at Usak train station? No
01:41Konya Mavi (Konya-Izmir)
01:48Konya Mavi (Izmir-Konya)
06:20Usak-Izmir regional
13:26Izmir-Usak regional
16:15Usak-Izmir regional
20:43Izmir-Usak regional
Usak train station timetable
(As of 21.01.2022)
  • Usak Train Station is at 1.5m km south of city center, on the opposite side of state way splitting city into two. bus terminal is on state road, 3 km from station.
  • There are many hotels towards city center: Yandex hotels
  • Usak Train Station was built by Frenchs in 1890s.
  • One of the two steam trains of Turkey is in Usak Train Station. Station is frequently used for movie shooting.
  • There are many touristic attractions around Usak, each about 30-40 km. World’s biggest canyon Ulubey Canyon, Blaundus Antique City of Macedonians, Clandras Bridge of Phrygians and Hamambogazi hot srping are some of them.
  • Usak bus terminal is in city center, 2 km from train station (map).
  • The regional airport between Afyon, Kutahya and Usak, Zafer Airport (KZR) is the closest airport to city. New airport has not managed to attract passengers, flight traffic is almost none.

Domestic tickets : (276) 216 60 73

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