Selcuk train station

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Selcuk train station
Selcuk train station. Photo: ismail bjk (CC BY-ND 3.0)

  • Is accessibility provided at Selcuk train station? There’s elevator and/or ramp at station
  • Is there car park at Selcuk train station? No car park
  • Is Selcuk train station open 7/24? No
  • Is there waiting room at Selcuk train station? There’s waiting room in the station
  • Is there locker at Selcuk train station for luggages? No locker
  • Is there restaurant/snack bar around Selcuk train station? No
  • Is there ATM at Selcuk train station? No ATM
  • Is train pass sold at Selcuk train station? No train pass
  • Can I buy international train ticket at Selcuk train station? No
00:37Goller Express (Izmir-Isparta)
05:30Goller Express (Isparta-Izmir)
07:49Denizli-Izmir regional
08:34Izmir-Denizli regional
09:01Denizli-Izmir regional
12:09Denizli-Izmir regional
12:10Izmir-Denizli regional
13:38Denizli-Izmir regional
13:56Izmir-Denizli regional
14:35Izmir-Nazilli regional
15:49Izmir-Denizli regional
15:50Denizli-Izmir regional
18:12Izmir-Denizli regional
19:51Denizli-Izmir regional
20:16Izmir-Denizli regional
21:43Denizli-Izmir regional
Selcuk train station timetable
(As of 19.12.2022)
  • Railway is going through the town where Selçuk Station is in the middle, at city center. There are many hotels nearby where bus terminal is 600 mt from train station.
  • Ephesus is 3.5 km away from train station. Minibuses depart from bus terminal: How to get to Ephesus by train?
  • Artemision which is one of 7 wonders from ancient period, Bazilika which was built on St John’s grave, House of Mother Mary are other important points in Selcuk.
  • One of the most important museums of Turkey, The Ephesus Archaeological Museum is in walking distance (700 meter).
  • One of the popular villages of region, Sirince, is 7 km from Selcuk.
  • Selcuk bus terminal is located at city center, in walking distance to train station (map).
  • There are many hotels at Selcuk: TripAdvisor hotels
  • Izban, suburban train service of Izmir, connecting Aliaga in north to Selcuk in south, calls at this station: Izban
  • Fastest and most comfortable way to reach to Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) is suburban trains (Izban). Trains have direct access to airport: İzban
  • Cities having direct train service from Selcuk: İzmir, Aydın, Denizli, Isparta

Domestic tickets : (232) 892 60 06

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