How to get to Ephesus by train?

The ancient Anatolian city on the coast of Ionia.

The city was built in the 10th century BC and flourished especially during Roman period being the third largest city of Roman Asia Minor with upto 56000 population (see more at Wikipedia).

Photo:Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Ephesus is three kilometers southwest of Selçuk town, at the south of İzmir Province. Closest train station is Selcuk train station.

The minibuses are running between Selcuk bus station and Ephesus regularly and frequently. Selcuk bus station is walking distance (600 mt) from Selcuk train station (train-bus station map).

Here’s the route map from station to Ephesus:

Travel to Ephesus by train

There are direct train services to Selcuk near Ephesus from Izmir, Aydin, Denizli. It’s possible to travel from Eskisehir and Konya by interchange at Izmir. From Istanbul, ferry to Bandirma, train first to Izmir then to Selcuk is the best way.

Travel to Ephesus by train
Photo:Travel to Ephesus by train

Helpful information

  • Train services to/from Selcuk is very frequent, reliable and fast in both directions (Izmir and Denizli)
  • It’s possible to go with suburban train (Izban). You need to interchange at Tepekoy station. Between Tepekoy and Selcuk, Izban trains are running every 1-1.5 hours.

Prepared based on personal experiences and timetables of preparation date. Please read disclaimer statement.

Prepared in 10/2018
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