Bosphor Express (Bucharest Istanbul train)

Route map, train timetable, main stations and ticket options of international train running between Halkalı and Bucharest:

Bosphor Express
Bosphor Express. Photo: Onur Uysal

Istanbul-Bucharest train runs only during summer (Between 1st June-28th September in 2018).

Bosphor Express travel info

  • Which operator operates the train? TCDD Taşımacılık, BDZ, CFR
  • What kind of a train I’m going to travel with? TCDD, BDZ and CFR locos hauled passenger coaches
  • What travel options I have? Couchette (4 seats/berths) + sleeper (2-3 seats/berths)
  • Any food/drink available in train? No meal service nor snack bar
  • How far is it from Bucharest to Istanbul? 940 km
  • How long it takes from Bucharest to Istanbul? 17-19 hours
  • How can I buy the ticket? Only at stations where international ticket desk exists
  • Can I buy ticket online? No online ticket sales
  • When can I buy the ticket? 60 days prior to departure

Route map of Bosphor Express

* Based on route data provided by EcoTransITWorld. Shows route roughly. The Pehlivankoy-Kapikule stretch seen on territory of Greece had changed. The new rail connection is going through Turkish territory, going towards north from Pehlivankoy via Edirne to Kapikule.

Main stations Bosphor Express calls

Bosphor Express timetable

Train departure days: Every day during summer

Bosphor Express timetable
Bosphor Express timetable

* As of 7/2017. Please click for official timetable.

Ticket fares of Bosphor Express

Ticket fares for Bosphor Express-Uluslararası route*:

  • Couchette: 51.2 €/person
  • Sleeper: 70.2 €/person (Single room surcharge: 62.6 €)
  • Sleeper (3 berths): 59.2/person

* Fares are as of 7/2017.

More to know

  • Halkali is far away from city center. There’s shuttle service of TCDD between Sirkeci and Halkali.
  • Train passes through Kapikule/Svilengrad and Ruse/Giurgiu border crossings.
  • Bucharest wagons carried by Sofia Express between Halkali and Dimitrovgrad. Then wagons are carried by another train between Dimitrovgrad and Bucharest.
  • Check Balkan Flexipass if you are going to travel in Balkan countries by rail.

Some information may vary. For official information, please visit TCDD Taşımacılık, BDZ, CFR. Please read our disclaimer.