Optima Express (Edirne Villach train)

Route map, train timetable, main stations and ticket options of international train running between Edirne and Villach:

Optima Express
Optima Express. Photo: Optima Tours

Edirne-Villach trains run only between April and November.

Optima Express travel info

  • Which operator operates the train? Optima Tours
  • What kind of a train I’m going to travel with? Optima passenger coaches and auto carriers
  • What travel options I have? Couchette (4/6 seats/berths)
  • Any food/drink available in train? Optima dining car var
  • How far is it from Villach to Edirne? 1405 km
  • How long it takes from Villach to Edirne? 31 hours
  • How can I buy the ticket? Optima Tours office, agencies, internet
  • Can I buy ticket online? Online ticket available
  • When can I buy the ticket? Within the same year

Route map of Optima Express

* Based on route data provided by EcoTransITWorld. There may be some changes on route.

Main stations Optima Express calls

Optima Express timetable

Train departure days: Predetermined days between spring and autumn

Optima Express timetable
Optima Express timetable

* As of 7/2017. Please click for official timetable.

Ticket fares of Optima Express

Ticket fares for Optima Express-Uluslararası route*:

  • Couchette: 189 €/person
  • Couchette (6 berths): 149 €/pers / Automobile: Starting from 259 €

* Fares are as of 7/2017.

More to know

  • Train departs from Austria, passes through Slovenia, Crotia, Serbia, Bulgaria and arrives Turkey (and returns back).
  • There are snacks and hot/cold drinks at restaurant car.

Some information may vary. For official information, please visit Optima Tours. Please read our disclaimer.