Optima Express (Edirne Villach train)

Train details, route map, train timetable, options, fares, sales channels and notes about international train giving service between Villach-Edirne:

Optima Express
Optima Express. Photo: Optima Tours

In 2023, Edirne-Villach train started service on 6th of May from Villach. Last service is on 10th of November from Edirne.




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  • What is the operator of Optima Express? Optima Tours
  • How Optima Express looks like? Optima passenger coaches and auto carriers
  • How far is it between Villach-Edirne by rail? 1405 km
  • How long it takes between Villach-Edirne? Around 32-37 hours
  • Is reservation required for Optima Express? All seats with reservation, see on ticket
  • Is accessibility provided inOptima Ekspresi? No any special design for accessibilty
  • Is there food/drink service in Optima Express? Optima dining car var
  • May I take bicycle with me in Optima Express? Only folding bicycles that fits luggage part over seats can be carried.
Optima Express route
Optima Express route map

3 weekly departures between Spring and Autumn

Optima Express (Villach-Edirne) train timetable
(As of 07 Jun 2023)

Though we work hard to keep timetables up-to-date, there may be short-term delays for update. Please check official timetable of train.

  • 6 people per cabin
  • 4 people per cabin

  • 2 people per cabin
Car Carrier
  • Cars upto 150 cm high

As of 07 Jun 2023, valid per person, based on official website of operator.

Tickets on sale within year before departure

How can I buy the ticket?

Ticket officesOptima agencies
Optima Express tickets sales channels
  • Train departs from Austria, passes through Slovenia, Crotia, Serbia, Bulgaria and arrives Turkey (and returns back).
  • There are snacks and hot/cold drinks at restaurant car.
  • Edirne Train Station is in east side of city, 5 km away from city center.
  • All compartments are with 6 berths, 3 berths in each side. There are several price options depending on reserving whole compartment or buying berths in 4 or 6-berth cabins.
  • Different discounts applied for 0-12 old passengers depending on separete berth is requested or not.
  • Different prices applied for motorbikes and cars depending on their height.
  • Cars are loaded to train by driving using ramp. Car drivers are responsible to load their own cars.

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