Main line trains

Main line trains are long distance trains of TCDD hauled by diesel or electric locos, running daily in most cases.

All main line trains have pulman wagons. Overnight trains have couchettes, sleepers and dining wagons additionally. Sleepers are sold out quickly, better to reserve and buy ticket in advance.

Though it’s easier to find tickets for pulman, trains are very full in special days (first and last days of long bank holidays). It’s possible to buy tickets 30 days prior to departure. Change and refund is possible.

Main line (long distance) trains of Turkey 2019

Trains to/from Istanbul

Ankara Express (Istanbul Ankara train)

Trains to/from Ankara

Dogu Express (Ankara Kars train)
Touristic Dogu Express (Ankara Kars train)
Vangolu Express (Ankara Tatvan train)
Guney Kurtalan Express (Ankara Kurtalan train)
Bogazici Express (Ankara Arifiye train)
4 Eylul Mavi (Ankara Malatya train)

Trains to/from Izmir

Izmir Mavi (Izmir Eskisehir train)
Konya Mavi (İzmir Konya train)
Karesi Express (İzmir Balikesir train)
6 Eylul Express (Izmir Bandirma train)
17 Eylul Express (Izmir Balıkesir train)
Ege Express (İzmir Balikesir train)
Goller Express (Izmir Isparta train)

Trains to/from Adana

Firat Express (Adana Elazig train)
Erciyes Express (Adana Kayseri train)

Trains to/from Eskisehir

Pamukkale Express (Eskisehir Denizli train)

Suspended long distance trains

Cukurova Express (Ankara Adana train)
Toros Express (Adana Konya train)