6 Eylul Express (Izmir Bandirma train)

Route map, train timetable, main stations and ticket options of main line train running between Izmir (Basmane) and Bandirma:

6 Eylul Express
6 Eylul Express. Photo: Onur Uysal

This train service is suspended due to Covid-19.

6 Eylul Express information

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Train departure days: Everyday

6 Eylul Express ticket fares

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Tickets on sale 30 days prior to departure

How can I buy the ticket?

MobileApp Store or Google Play
Call Center 444 82 33 (English available)
Ticket OfficesTrain tations, tourism agencies, PTT offices

WhatsApp support line: +90 (507) 321 82 33


17 Eylul Express is the alternate train on Izmir-Bandirma route.

Alternate trains on Izmir-Balikesir route: 6 Eylul, Ege, Karesi and Izmir Mavi. Izmir Mavi has sleeper option.

Bandirma has ferry connection to Istanbul (IDO ).

Main line/regional train connections in southward direction from Izmir. You can get to Ephesus and Pamukkale by train as well.


Main stations this train is calling at:

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