About Rail Turkey

Rail Turkey and Google Trends

Nowadays, it’s so easy following the trends.

Let’s google “Türkiye karayolu” which means “Turkey overland” first, and within a second you’ll get more than 6 million results.

What if we google “Türkiye demiryolu” meaning “Turkey railway”? Although the share of overland is 18 times of railway for freight, and 61 times for passenger, the number of results are almost same: Over 5 million.

If we google “Turkey railway” in English to find out the interest out of Turkey, the result is even more surprising: Almost 35 million.

That 1 minute research shows a dramatic change in Turkey. Railway becomes “trendy” again after decades. Railway transportation keeps an important place in Turkish and European media, and also in fairs and meetings.


Although more and more watched and listened to, it’s still so hard to reach to a clear, confirmed and classified information.

If you’d like to get information about the railway tariff, contact information or terminal services in Turkey, the internet will surely not be a solution. You need to find someone (sometimes more) to help you. And it’ll be not surprising to get different information from different sources.

Rail Turkey is now on line to answer this need of information. Rail Turkey, completely focused on railway transportation, deals only with the real agenda of railway professionals and the projects.

Rail Turkey features the first digital podcast about railroad freight transportation in Turkey published both in Turkish and English, with the target of being one of the most important information source about railway transportation in Turkey.

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