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Logistics conference, Berlin

Europe is stagnating. But right on Europe’s doorstep a market is booming and developing, which hasn’t been noticed so far: Turkey.

For a couple of years, many conferences held, many articles written and many meetings organized with the above theme. Above sentences belong to one of them, “DVZ-Logistics Conference Germany/Turkey”. The words may not be be suprising, especially to the ones who already work in Turkish logistics market.

But there’s another interesting point of the conference. Almost all speakers of the conference represent the leading players of Turkish railway market. Here are the profiles them (in the order of conference program):

Prof Dr Stefan Iskan, Director Iskan Advice and Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences

Mr. Iskan worked for Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Schenker), Deutsche Post DHL and Daimler AG. He is involved in the Turkish market since 2006 and worked in Istanbul and corridor IV.

Hacer Uyarlar, Board Member, Utikad Association of International Forwarders Turkey

Ms Uyarlar, is also responsible for Intermodal transport in Utikad and has her own company mainly focused in railway transportation to CIS countries.

Ibrahim Dolen, Member of the Executive Committee, Borusan Lojistik

Mr Dolen is responsible for all sales and operations of Borusan Lojistik, and has a special focus on railway transportation. He is board member of Railway Transport Association (DTD) and founder of railway department in Borusan Lojistik which started the first container train managed by a Turkish company.

Igor Hribar, Regional Sales Manager Southeast Europe, DB Schenker Rail AG

Mr Hribar will be responsible within the region where Schenker recently developed a new competetive product, Bosphorus Shuttle, a regular mixed train running between Germany and Turkey.

Frank Körber, Director Logistics International, Ekol

Mr Körber’s company had a big success with establishing an intermodal traffic with roro vessels + trains and managed to be the leading Turkish company with 1250 units/week in European traffic.

Göksen Toksan Sancak, Logistics Planning, Ford Otosan

Ms Sancak is responsible from planning, and was in the team organizing the big shift to intermodal Project realized in early 2013. Ford is one of the leading automotive company in Turkey based its inbound logistics mainly on railway beginning with 2001, a revolution in the automotive sector in Turkey.

Dr Selma Öner, Logistics Manager, Türkiye Şişe ve Cam Fabrikaları AŞ

Ms Öner is the head of logistics of Turkish leading company. Sisecam is differing from almost all other companies with highly railway usage in both inbound and outbound logistics.

For detailed information about the conference : http://www.dvz.de/tuerkeiforum


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