Railway Events

Turkish railways in February

Here’s the upcoming issues about Turkish railways in February:

HST will delay

A number of important projects are either announced or expected to start in February. Istanbul-Ankara High Speed Train is the most popular project among all. It once announced to be open in February. Although there’s no official statement, the construction works are still not finished and we seem to wait some more time.

Kosekoy is ready

Constructions in Kosekoy Logistic Center has come to end. Being the only logistic center of biggest industrial area of Turkey, TCDD gives importance to that terminal. Opening of Derince-Kosekoy raillway connection, starting of ferry service and construction of bounded storage area may start the railway traffic again from Kosekoy after 2 years.

Kosekoy-Bozuyuk will open

Of course, a lot is more focused on the railway connection between Kosekoy and Bozuyuk, which also means the connection between Europe and Asia. Transportation between almost all other cities out of Marmara region and Europe as well as the transit loads to Middle East countries are looking forward to hearing this news, which will probably come in late February.

Eurasia Rail in March

Since it starts early in March, we’d like to remind all railway professionals about the Eurasia, world’s 4th biggest railway fair to be held in Istanbul.

Truck crisis at Kapikule

A news about truck traffic to Europe may affect railway professionals this month. Bulgaria and Turkey stopped giving “road permits” for trucks to each other. Turkish trucks are now following Greece-Macedonia-Serbia route to overcome this problem, but container lines will surely see additional demand during February.

Finally, Rail Turkey exceeded for the first time 5000 visits in January, doubled 2013’s averages and 40% more than last month. This fastly increasing interest is really satisfying and encouraging.

Wish everybody a happy February.


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