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Skoda unveiled catfree tram for Konya

Skoda unveiled the first of 12-ordered catfree trams of Konya at Innotrans 2014.

Konya’s 100% low-floor, catenary-free, five-section, bi-directional tramcar Forcity Classic 28T was at Innotrans’s outdoor display area. That was Skoda’s one of the two vehicles displayed at fair.

The tram is using standard track gauge (1435mm), has a max speed of 70 km/h. 32.52m long and 2.55m wide tram can carry up to 364 passengers (56 seats). Fully low floor design and energy recuperation when braking are other features of the tram. Tram will be powered with 750V DC.

Forcity 28T has also a catfree version using nano-lithium-titanium batteries. Tram can go 3 km with these bateries without power from catenary.

Tram has a livery inspired by some motives of Islamic architecture.

Skoda was awarded a total contract of 72 trams for Konya Municipality in 2012. 12 catfree versions of 28T will be delivered next year in addition to 60 Forcity Classic, which have started to be delivered. Catfree trams will be powered by battery when covering 1,8 km part of the route, the historic part of the city.

Konya will be one of the two cities in Turkey using catfree trams. Hyundai Rotem was recently awarded a contract of 38 catfree trams for Izmir.

For City Tram by Skoda

Forcity tram by Skoda. Photo: Onur Uysal



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