Railway Infrastructure

Railway closure in Bulgaria

Unfortunately, railway closures in Bulgaria on the line connecting Europe to Turkey have become a routine. The railtrack between Harmanli and Lyubimets is closed starting from today 08:00 until 09.11.2014 20:00.

Due to heavy flood in September, railway connecting Bulgaria to Turkey was closed for almost 2 weeks. After opening, closures for 2-3 days have almost repeated every 2 weeks since September. The previous closures since September were as follows:

Route Starting on Duration
Simeonovgrad – Harmanli 28.10.2014 48 hours
Simeonovgrad – Svilengrad 14.10.2014 48 hours
Simeonovgrad – Harmanli 27.09.2014 60 hours

The line between Harmanli and Lyubimets is being used by all trains coming from Europe to Turkey. Due to low railway traffic on that line, not any congestion nor long delay is expected because of this closure.


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