Rail Turkey Visits GraphAbout Rail Turkey

Milestones of 2014 for Rail Turkey

April 2014 was the first anniversary of Rail Turkey.. Messages were encouraging for the future..

Monthy visits, which was 1200 in September 2013, has reached to 15 090 in December 2014. Rail Turkey grew by %1150 in 16 months.

Rail Turkey Visits Graph

Rail Turkey Visits Graph

Total visits have reached to 129 260 (this was 16 255 by the end of last year).. Readers are mainly from Turkey (51%), Germany (9%), USA (6%), UK (4%).. Half of the all readers, 17% of readers from Turkey follows Rail Turkey in English..

Daily visit record had broken in October by 900, and then in December by 916 visits. “Liberalization of Turkish Raliways: How Companies Use Rail Network?” was published on that day.

In June, an education program was prepared in cooperation with National Business Academy. In the course “5W1H of Railways”, the opportunities and capabilities of railway is covered.

New authors -other than the editor- have appeared this year. 7 railway professionals from Turkey, UK, Switzerland and Austria had prepared 15 articles/news. Also interviews were published with 2 guests.

Railway fans supported Rail Turkey with their amazing photos. Rail Turkey followers introduced 22 skilful photographers, for sure, with their written permission every time.

Rail Turkey authors met at Innotrans in September. Cheerful meetings were mostly in trams or coaches..

In November, a seminar with the name “100 Questions, 100s of Answers about Railway Transportation” was held at Suleyman Sah University for MBA students.

During 2014, 154 original posts published in both languages. Many posts were listed in Google’s first page, 38 websites from all over world gave reference to Rail Turkey. Rail Turkey step up 8 million in Alexa’s list in one year. Now it’s the 3.6 millionth most visited website in the world.

Rail Turkey’s most read post is “Cities To Be Connected by High Speed Trains in Turkey“. Read 3 452 times until now.

Many posts of Rail Turkey were copied without permission.. One, who continued to copy in spite of the warnings, was sued. The case is ongoing..


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