Rolling Stock

555m for rolling stock of TCDD

555 million TL will be spent this year for the extension of TCDD rolling stock. Here are the investments to be done this year:

Diesel Main Line Locomotives

5 new diesel locomotives, GE Powerhaul, produced in cooperation with Tulomsas, had added to TCDD fleet last year. The contract was for 20 locomotives, and with this year’s budget of 80m TL, the whole budget of 195m TL will be spent. However, it was declared last year that 10 locomotives will be delivered until the end of 2015.

Electric Locomotives

TCDD started to renew its old electric locomotive fleet. First E68000 Hyundai locomotives started at the beginning of this year on Pendik-Arifiye stretch as Ada Express. 80 Hyundai locomotives are planned to be added to fleet till the end of 2016. Total budget is 715m TL. Until now, 35 locos have been produced, 8 of which were manufactured in South Korea. Budget for this year is 197m TL.

DMU Sets

TCDD’s Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) fleet will continue to be expanded. There’s a contract of 52 sets (each with 4 cars) till the end of 2018. Contract worths 851m TL, 132m of which is going to be spent this year.

High Speed Train Sets

There’s a budget of 146m TL for the purchase of high speed train sets this year. 6 more Siemens Velaro sets are going to be delivered until 2017. One set had been delivered last year, and is expected to start service this month. Another item in investment budget is the purchase of 106 new high speed train sets which worths 9.6bn TL. For that item, almost no budget is given for this year.


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