Railway Companies

Network statement of TCDD

After becoming an infrastructure operator after liberalization, TCDD will publish “network statement” every year which covers pricing, terms, conditions, procedures and criterias for access to rail network.

Here’re highlights from TCDD’s network statement draft which will originally be prepared according to instructions of Railway Authority (DDGM).

92 Sections

The railway network of TCDD is splitted into 92 sections: 85 conventional line, 3 high speed line and 4 ferry line.

Network Access Terms

The terms, requested documents, safety certificates, insurance and guarantees, contract details, regulations for exceptional and dangerous good transports, rolling stock and staff acceptance procedures will be in statement.

Information about Infrastructure

The technical spects, management, communication systems, speed allowed, max train length of lines, power supply, restrictions, ferry operation and infrastructure development program will be stated.

Capacity Allocation

Procedure for requests and allocation, additional requests, management of conflicts, congestion, repairs and renewals, cancellation of allocation, cancellation of usage will exist in statement.


Service included with network access, access to facilities (terminals etc), additional services and supportive services will be explained in detail.


Tariff for network access, facilities, additional and supportive services including discounts and surcharges will be declared.

The responsibilities and liabilities of both infrastructure operator and train operators due to repairs, renewals or delays will be stated in manifest as well.


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