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Rail transport in Ankara

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, is one of cities that rail system started to be used in public transport.

Last update: October 2020

Though Ankara was the first to build first modern light metro system in Turkey, it’s now behind two other metropol cities in terms of rail usage.

There’s only one metro extension line is under construction. Project analysis continue for a new line.

Rail network is over 100 km

As suburban line is renewed and become active again, total urban rail network of Ankara exceeds 100 km. Currently there are 37 km of suburban line, 56 km of metro line and 8.5 km of light metro line in Ankara with a total network length of 101.5 km.

Ankara has the second biggest rolling stock fleet among Turkish cities with 561 cars. 432 metro, 33 LRV and 96 suburban cars. The fleet will reach to 601 when deliveries of last order is completed. Fleet details are as follows:

  • 96 Hyundai Rotem suburban car
  • 432 metro car (108 Bombardier, 324 CRRC)
  • 33 Ansaldo Breda LRV

Ridership reaches 150 mn

Suburban service had restarted in April 2018, but could not be operated with full capacity due to lack of signalization, and then due to Covid-19 restrictions. Despite this, the total ridership of rail services had reached to 146,9 mn in 2018.

Ridership of Ankara rail services
Ankara raylı sistemler haritası
Ankara rail network

There are 5 metro lines in Ankara, one of which is light metro line. Total rail network is 65 km long.

37-km-long suburban line had been commissioned after renewal in 2018, going through the city from one end at Sincan to the other end at Kayas. 70 mn pax is planned to be transported annually in long term.

  • Baskentray suburban service – 06:00-22:30 – map

New metro project

There are two extension projects.

  • M4 – Akm-Kizilay metro extension: With this project, M4 line will be connected to Ankara HST station and Kizilay.
  • A1 – Asti-Sogutozu and Dikimevi-Natoyolu extensions: Ankaray, which ends at Asti, will be extended to Sogutozu and integrated with M2 metro line. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality merged this project with an extension on the other side of Ankaray. Ankaray will be extended from Dikimevi to Natoyolu. Project works continue for this 8-km-long extension.

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  1. This information also obsolete. the M4 have been opened since last January, you should update it

    • Hi. This page has information as of May 2016, as stated. Comments are also a part of page information, so thank you for your update. We’ll try to update the page hopefully soon. 🙂


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