Urban Transport by Rail in Ankara

There are light rail system, metro lines and suburban service in Ankara.

Network in Use : 92,2 km*

Lines Under Construction : 10.6 km*

Rolling Stockin Use: 237*

Rolling Stock Orders : 324

Daily Ridership : 367k

* As of May 2016, including Baskentray (suburban)

Rail Network in Ankara
Rail Network in Ankara


Ankara has a total rail network of 92.4 km. 8.5 km of this is light rail system. Ankara has also a 46.6 km long metro system with services in 3 routes. All are operated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. There’s also a 37 km long suburban line operated by TCDD.

  • Ankaray (8,5 km)
  • M1 – Kizilay-Batikent (14,7 km)
  • M2 – Kizilay-Cayyolu (16,6 km)
  • M3 – Batikent-Sincan/Torekent (15,4 km)
  • Ankara Suburban Service (37 km)

Rolling Stock

Total number of rail cars used in Ankara’s urban transport is 237.

  • 33 Ankaray LRVs (11 sets, Ansaldo Breda)
  • 108 metro cars (18 sets, Bombardier sets)
  • 96 suburban rail cars (32 sets, Hyundai Rotem)


Daily ridership is 367k by rail in Ankara based on first four months of 2016. Figures are as follows:

Ankaray 104 288
M1 (metro) 147 878
M2 (metro) 56 126
M3 (metro) 25 143
Suburban (2014 Dec) 34 000
Sum 367 435
Rail Network Under Construction in Ankara

New Projects

There’s a new metro line under construction in Ankara. Extension of Ankaray light rail system is also under construction.

  • M4 – Kecioren-AKM (9,2 km-2016)
  • M4 – AKM-Kizilay extension (3,3 km)
  • Ankaray – ASTI-Sogutozu extension (0,8 km)

The suburban lines will be upgraded by Baskentray Project, which is planned to start in 2016 summer. It’s expected to last 18 months.

There’s another rail project of 25.3 km long, connecting Esenboga Airport to city center where preliminary analysis continue.

Extension of Fleet

Due to the recently opened lines, Ankara Metro System is suffering from insufficient fleet. Great fund is allocated in 2015 and 2016 (TL 534mn in 2016). There’s a contract with CSR (China) for 324 rail cars, with a 51% local production term. First 90 rail cars were delivered directly from China last year.

Photo: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

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