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Urban transport by rail in Ankara

Rail network currently in use, under construction and planned in Ankara.

Ankara is the first city in Turkey having modern metro system. However, the city fell behind two other metropols by time. With the recently commissioned suburban service, ridership is expected to increase fast.

Short extensions to current two metro lines are under construction in Ankara.

One metro line is planned to be extent to airport.


Rail network length: 101.4 km (37 km suburban, 55.9 km metro, 8.5 km ligh rail line)

Rolling stock fleet: 601 rail cars (96 suburban cars, 472 metro cars, 33 LRVs)

Ridership: 131.28 million (2017)

Last update date: 4/2018
Cover photo: EGO ©

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  1. This information also obsolete. the M4 have been opened since last January, you should update it


    • Hi. This page has information as of May 2016, as stated. Comments are also a part of page information, so thank you for your update. We’ll try to update the page hopefully soon. 🙂


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