Railway Infrastructure

Open access to Turkish railway network accepted

As new legislation for “Open Access to Railway Infrastructure” was published on 2nd of May 2015, open access to Turkish railway network is legally accepted.

Legislation involves general terms and pricing of open access to rail network, procedure for usage of capacity, content of contracts between infrastructure operator(s) and train operators as well as how restrictions/construction works should be managed.

With this legislation, access to rail network is now completely free.

However, to be able to see private locos on rail, a few more steps have to be taken. Legislation for foundation of private train operators and registration of private rail cars should be published too.

Another prerequisite for running private locos on Turkish network is the publishing of “network manifest” by TCDD which will contain all technical and usage details of rail network.

Legislation for Open Access (in Turkish)

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  1. This is bad news for TCDD. In France, new operators will simple took away some of SNCF market share, which is already minimal. There was no growth in overall market share of rail against road.


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