About Rail Turkey

10 reasons to follow Rail Turkey

Here are 10 reasons to follow railway transportation and urban rail from Rail Turkey:


You’ll look from the railway industry’s point of view. You won’t be limited with the media coverage, but will learn what railway industry is currently facing with.

Selected news

Not every news with the word “railway” is covered by Rail Turkey. The unrealistic statements are not put into headlines. News and information are selected before publishing.

Distinct approach

In Rail Turkey, you’ll not read similar texts, ideas and comments with many other sources. We try to understand what’s really going on and what’ll happen afterwards by examining local and global sources before publishing.

No games

Rail Turkey is not focused on need for hit, but focused on needs of followers.. Thus, we don’t publish everything. We never write irrelevant information under an “attractive” heading.


The main source of Rail Turkey is colleagues in railway industry all around the world. Thus, you can never find an exactly same text of Rail Turkey in any other source (except illegal coppies). News that you can also hear from other sources are either summarized as headlines in Rail Turkey News for fast glancing, or enriched with additional content in Rail Turkey.

User friendly

Design is important for Rail Turkey. We believe in Da Vinci’s motto “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Thus we prefer user friendly designs where readers can surf easily in Rail Turkey without wasting time. You can glance at the railway agenda and headlines within seconds, and only click to the subject you are interested.


Rail Turkey has no commercial ties with any corporation. You never face with “promotional” exaggerated news. We publish a project not with expectations from that company, but with excitement about publishing a new development about railways.


Rail Turkey respects to copyrights. We know that sustainability of innovation and different ideas can be secured by this. Thus, we spent a great effort to produce a rich content totally respecting copyrights. And we do not hesitate fighting with violation of copyrights.


Rail Turkey grew, grows with the people who likes sharing his/her knowledge, information and abilities. That’s why you can read articles which you cannot find anywhere else. Thus you can see amazing photos of photographers permitted to use in Rail Turkey from all over the world.


Rail Turkey started as a railway blog in English 2 years ago. Shortly Turkish section started. Then design changed completely. New authors appeared. Courses and seminars organized. Then Rail Turkey News started for publishing short news. Rail Turkey Akademi opened as knowledge center in Turkish. Turkey’s first rail freight terminal database, Rail Turkey Terminal started. The result was encouraging, grew by 15% every month, monthly visits reached over 30k from 5k in one year. And now introduced its new face.

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