Urban Transport

Hyundai Rotem awarded for Antalya trams

Hyundai Rotem is awarded for the 18-tram-set tender of Antalya.

The tender for 18-trams of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to run on yet-under-construction Expo Tram Line is finalized. Hyundai Rotem is awarded the tender.

This is the second tram tender won by Hyundai Rotem after Izmir’s 38 tram sets. The offer of Hyundai Rotem is € 29.4 mn. Two Turkish tram producers, Bozankaya and Durmazlar also gave offer for the tender.

The 5-cars trams will be produced at Hyundai Eurotem plant at Sakarya.

Delivery of the trams is planned to start on 6th month after inking of contract, and should be completed within 14 months.

In addition to tram cars, the tender also includes spare parts, training, repair works, some equipments and intergration of signalization and communication systems.


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