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What changes with safety regulation?

Another legislation of last six left is published. This legislation covers management, administration and inspection of safety in railway and clarifies the responsibilities of infrastructure, train and urban rail operators.

Here are the “new” things we are going to face with this legislation:

Responsibilities will be clear

Infrastructure and train operators will publish the commitments and responsibilites of the companies and responsibilities of management team in detail openly and clearly. Companies should also publish their safety targets, standards and procedures.

Training will be a must

Railway companies will be responsible for training of their whole staff in terms of safety. The staff with critical responsibilities like loco drivers should fulfill the requirements of their jobs. This means they should not only complete the required courses, but also should have personal safety certifications.

Qualified staff will have priority

Companies should consider the education, training, capabilities and experience of the candidates when recruiting.

No transport on unsafe infrastructure

Infrastructure operators should prove the safety of the infrastructure and their maintanance and operation procedures. Operators can only give service on the lines which is included in the safety certificate.

New responsibilities for municipalities

Municipalities that operate urban rail services should also prove the saferty of their operation. Certificates will be valid for 5 years.

Train operators cannot run without certificate

Both the passenger and freight train operators should also get safety certificate. For this, they should prepare rolling stock list, operation procedures, organizational structure and safety management systems in the format and content preraped by Railway Authority.

Transportation ministry’s administrative fund will make money

Fee for safety certifications is TL 1 mn (around € 300k) for infrastructure operators, TL 500k for train operators, TL 100k for urban rail systems and TL 50k for urban rail operators. All fees will be paid to Administrative Fund of Transportation Ministry.

Qualified staff needed for safety management systems

Safety management systems are not prepared only once in five years, but should also be updated in every important change in legislation, infrastructure, fleet, operation, company, even organization. This will mean that qualified staff is needed for this setup and improvements, where will either be solved inhouse or outsourced.

Maintanance companies will be in charge

Train operators should assing a maintanance company for their rolling stock. These companies will be responsible for maintanance of rail cars applying car-specific conditions, TSI and legisltion in Turkey. Specific to the freight wagons, maintanance companies should have ECM certification.

Safety KPIs will be open to public

Transportation Minsitry will publish the targets of the operators, plans and results every year in internet. Common safety KPIs and annual inspection reports of operators will also be open to public.

Crash investigation committee will in charge

An independent committee of technical experts will investigate every accident on railways. Train and urban rail operators should also run their own inspection and complete within a year. The report of committee will be separete from the investigation of prosecution, with the target to find out technical and administrative reasons of accident.

Transition period for current operators

Current infrastructure, train and urban rail operators will be allowed to complete the safety rules and certification within 3 years.

Current staff will get temporary personal safety certificate

The current critical staff that should get personal safety certificate to work will get their temporary certificate from their companies until their company complete the safety certification.

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  1. It’s REALLY hard to believe that the following is not already happening!!! ‘The staff with critical responsibilities like loco drivers should fulfill the requirements of their jobs. This means they should not only complete the required courses, but also should have personal safety certifications.’

    • well, it was happening in some ways, but all were internal issues of TCDD, and not open to public, not under control of independent authority.. but it’ll be now..

  2. Will there be safety requirements for Rolling Stock for tram and metro written in this new legislation in Turkey?

    • Not directly. But municipalities may put new criterias to tenders to meet their own safety obligations.


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