Rolling Stock

Can ECM crisis be overcome?

The crisis causing many private wagons staying at workshops due to new legislation and procedures is tried to be overcome.

The crisis had started with the announcement of TCDD, stating that wagons should have their regular maintanance at certified workshops to run on Turkish rail network, due to new legislation about registration of rolling stock on 16th of July.

There are, by now, three companies with certificate for maintanance function in Turkey. But they can only operate under the control of an ECM, which is only TCDD in Turkey. Thus, maintanance should be approved by TCDD. And TCDD requests some changes for maintanance function certificates, before approving them.

A number of meetings have been held until now between Railway Authority, TCDD, private wagon owners and Railway Transportation Association, to overcome this crisis.

Private wagon companies also object to “fee for committee” which has to be paid for every visit of committee after maintanance or repair. On the other hand, as being an ECM, TCDD is responsible for every possible problem due to insufficient maintanance or repair, thus see inspection by committee as a must.

The meetings have been held very frequently last week, and crisis is expected to be solved very soon.


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