Urban Transport

Suburban service project for Balikesir

Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality is getting prepared to build suburban service in Balikesir.

As announced in website of Municipality, it’s agreed with Transport Ministry to give suburban service between Otogar (bus station) and Gokkoy (industrial zone). Municipality is now preparing MoU to be signed with TCDD. The project will cost USD 103 mn, to be funded completely by Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.

The first phase will be built on current 17-km-long section between Otogar (bus station) and Organize Sanayi (industrial zone). Municipality is planning to add Gar (Main Train Station) and Kabakdere section in second phase. Annual ridership is expected to reach to 12 mn.

In order to give suburban service, second track has to be laid, level crossings have to be cancelled, electrification and signalization have to be completed and stations has to be built.

460 - Balıkesir Banliyo Treni Projesi

Map: Onur Uysal


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