Railway Infrastructure

Haydarpasa hotel project withdrawn

TCDD stepped back at transformation project of Historical Haydarpasa Station. The Haydarpasa Station building is being used as it is in the new project.

The previous project of TCDD was proposing Haydarpasa Station as passenger train station, but using the upper part of the building as hotel. The 1 mn sqm area surrounding the station, which is currently used as warehouse, silo, workshop, shunting yard and port was planned as commercial area.

This project was first rejected by Kadikoy Municipality. And Istanbul Municipality, now approved the update of the old project.

The headlines from the new proposal is as follows:

  • Station will be the main station in Asian side for high speed trains and other passenger trains.
  • The usage of Haydarpasa building as hotel is completely withdrawn.
  • A part of the building will be used as railway museum.
  • The commercial areas in the old project will be reduced.
  • There’ll be parks open to public around the station.

Haydarpasa Station will open to high speed and passenger trains after completion of Marmaray Project. Two tracks of the three-track section between Gebze and Kadikoy will be used by Marmaray services, and the third will be used by high speed and conventional passenger trains. Thus, Haydarpasa Station will replace Pendik station as the departure station of high speed trains in Istanbul.

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