Railway Events

Companies on headlines in Eurasia Rail

There are several companies attending Eurasia Rail which we get used to their names from headlines in last months.

One of the leading railway fairs of the world, Eurasia Rail, is opening its gates on 3rd of March at Istanbul Expo Center (IFM). 248 companies and institutes from 21 countries are attending the fair. 119 of them are from other countries than Turkey. German companies lead with 35 exhibitors, Czech Republic follows with 29 exhibitors and Italy with 11 exhibitors.

Here are some of the exhibitors which we heard their names frequently:

Aselsan : Aselsan announced local development of metro traction and signalization systems in cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Bombardier : Bombardier announced partnership with Bozankaya for the approaching high speed train set tender of TCDD.

Bozankaya : Bozankaya is getting prepared for the delivery of trams for Kayseri. The company also announced partnership with Bombardier for the approaching high speed train set tender of TCDD.

CAF : CAF is the producer of first high speed train sets of Turkey.

Durmazlar : Turkish company Durmazlar stepped forward by winning Bursa, Samsun and Kocaeli tram tenders.

Esray Makina : Turkish company Esray Makina recently started delivery of 6ax wagons for Isdemir.

Huawei : Huawei is very active in GSM-R tenders which also supplied the signalization system of recently opened Izban Torbali line.

Hyundai Eurotem : Hyundai Eurotem, the joint venture company of Hyundai Rotem and TCDD, has been awarded Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya tram/metro tenders.

Istanbul Ulasim : Subsidiary of Istanbul Metropoltian Municipality is known with serious steps for local production of trams, having produced 18 sets of Istanbul Tram.

Legios : Legios is the producer of Tupras’ tank wagons, the biggest order for freight wagons in Turkey. The companys is also one of the first European companies to open region office in Iran.

Rail Adventure : Rail Adventure is the company to transport new high speed train set (Velaro TR), from Germany to Turkey.

Siemens : Siemens is the producer of new high speed trains sets (Velaro TR). The company also announced investment in Turkey for local production of trams.

Skoda : Skoda is the producer of new trams of Konya. Three of the group companies, Skoda Vagonka, Skoda Electric and Skoda Transportation will attend the fair as exhibitor.

Stadler Rail : Stadler Rail is the producer of passenger trains for Azerbaijan Railways, which will run on Baku-Istanbul line. The company is looking for partner in Turkey.

TCDD : TCDD may introduce the high speed train which is designed by TCDD.

TUBITAK : TUBITAK has developed E1000, the first 100% locally developed electric loco in Turkey.

Tudemsas : Tudemsas has introduced TSI certificated Sgns, Rgns and Sggmrs type wagons.

Tulomsas : Tulomsas is producing TCDD’s new generation diesel (DE36000) and electric (E68000) locos. Tulomsas is also the producer of diesel engine of new Van Lake ferries. The company took part in Turkey’s first locally produced electric loco project (E1000). Development of new freight wagons is also accomplished. TSI certificate has received for Rilnss type wagons, where certification continues for Eanoss and Rgns type wagons.


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