Railway Infrastructure

Modernization of Plovdiv-Kapikule railway completed

Bulgaria completed the modernization of two sections on 154-km-long Plovdiv-Dimitrovgrad-Svilengrad-Kapikule railway.

The engineering works on Ljubimets-Svilengrad border and Dimitrovgrad-Simeonovgrad are completed, where there are still many things to do on the 35-km-long Ljubimets-Simeonovgrad section.

The project involves the renewal of tracks, signalization and electrification of the line.

By the completion of engineering works, the maximum speed will increase to 200 km/h for high speed trains. The conventional passenger trains will be able to go with a speed of 160 km/h and freight trains with a speed of 120 km/h on this section.

Bulgaria aims to modernize the complete section from Serbia to Turkey within a few years.

News: Dusko Djuric

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