611 - Konya hızlı tren garı - Konya ValiliğiRail Freight

Konya high speed train station project

The scope, location, connections, targets and history of new high speed train station under construction at Konya:

Project overview

  • Owner: Turkish State Railways
  • Contractor: Altindag-Intim
  • Contract date: 8/2016
  • Contract duration: 450 days
  • Contract deadline: 11/2017
  • Contract value: TL 67 mn



Ankara, İstanbul, Karaman high speed trains will use this station. The new HST lines (Mersin-Gaziantep and Antalya-Nevsehir-Kayseri) will go through this station. Station will be directly connected to tram service.


Project details

Station is constructed on 75k sqm area with 32.5k sqm covered area. Station will have 7 lines, 3 platforms, restaurants, cafes, bank, post office, VIP/CIP lounges and car park for 117 cars.

  • Construction area: 32 500 sqm


  • Station is planned to be used by 3 mn passengers after completion of all planned HST lines.

Cover photo: Konya Valiliği ©

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