872 - Frigorific containers of RaykamRail Freight

Fresh fruits on rail

The first export of fresh fruits from Turkey on rail has been done succesfuly.

For the first time, fresh fruits were carried on rail with frigorific container. Water melons are loaded into containers at Adana, and reached Russia via the Kars-Tblisi-Kars railway. The transport was organized by Raykam Logistics.

The Mersin-Baku line, where transit time has dropped to 3 days with an effective cooperation of TCDD Taşımacılık, Georgian and Azerbaijan railways, started to attract attention of logistics companies and end clients. Until now, fresh fruit had not been prefered on rail, due to long transit times and lack of equipment. With the first transport organized last week, fresh fruits have started to be transported on Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line.

The first load was water melon and carried by the frigorific containers provided by Raykam. Water melons were loaded at Adana and taken to capital of Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala of Russia. Train departed from mersin on Saturday, had reached to Georgia on Monday morning, to Azerbaijan on Tuesday. On the following day, water melons had arrived Makhachkala, 400 km north of Baku.

The organizer of the load, Mr Zakir Bozkurt, the owner of Raykam Logistics, stated that they are very happy and proud to carry such a load for the first time in Turkey by rail. He underlined that they were able to overcome such a difficult transport with the help of very effective cooperation of railway and customs authorities of Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia. “Train crossed borders on time, without losing any time. We crossed 4 borders: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia. We didn’t face any problem. Thanks to all officers helped for the success of this project.” He also added that they were prepared for a 6-days-long transport, but containers reached to final destination only in 4 days.

The first transport was a trial, done by two containers. Mr Bozkurt told that, the trial was succesful, they already inked the contract for the supply of other frigorific containers, thus the cold-chain on rail will soon be a regular service. He added that a staff will accompany the train to guarantee a trouble-free transport until the final destination.

This transport may help increase of export of fresh fruit from Turkey to Russia, and railway’s getting an important share from this traffic.

Cover Photo: Raykam Lojistik ©

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