885 - İpek Böceği InnotransRolling Stock

SilkWorm tram with new engine at Innotrans

Turkey’s first locally produced tram, SilkWorm, will again be displayed at Innotrans.

The tram was unveiled at Innotrans in 2014, and has been taking place at open display area every time since then. The version to be displayed this year, different than last time, has locally produced traction engine and gearbox.

The manufacturer, Durmaray, has attracted attention with orders one after the other. The company was awarded Kocaeli, Samsun, Eyup (Istanbul) and finally Olsztyn (Poland) tram orders.

Though Durmaray has got orders mainly for its other tram model, Panorama, the company will display Silk Worm tram at Innotrans fair, which is being used at Bursa tram line.

Cover Photo: Durmazlar ©


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