908 - Erdeniz - Negmar DenizcilikRailway Infrastructure

Rail connection from Izmir to Europe to open

Preparations about Bandirma ferry which will connect Izmir, Manisa and Bandirma to Europe by rail have come to end.

TCDD has been working on Bandirma-Tekirdag ferryfor a while in addition to Tekirdag-Derince ferry. The ramp and rail connection was recently completed and was waiting for test run. That test was donesuccesfully.

Bandirma-Tekirdag ferry will enable faster and cheaper access of trains to Europe which depart from West Anatolia.

Cities in West Anatolia like Izmir and Manisa have had two rail options until now. First was a long run via Kutahya-Bilecik and cross Marmara by Tekirdag-Derince ferry. This option is very expensive and takes long time, thus never been prefered.

Second was only for containers. Containerswere transported to Bandirma on train, cross Marmara on vessel, then went to Europe on rail. Balo proceed with this solution for a while, then stopped.

Tekirdag-Bandirma service will be given by Erdeniz rail ferry, which is also running on Tekirdag-Derince route. The ferry has 5 lines which are 800 meter long in total. Ferry can cross Marmara Sea in 8 hours.

Erdeniz rail ferry spects

Cover photo: Negmar Denizcilik ©


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