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How to get to high speed train stations in Istanbul?

Istanbul Airport

Metro is under construction from Istanbul Airport to Halkali HST station. Currently the only transport solution is Havaist shuttles. The closest HST station is Bakirkoy.

High risk of traffic
Frequency: Every 30-60 min
Service hours: 07:30-21:40
Avg travel time: 100 min

Go to Bakirkoy with Havaist shuttle (90 min)

Walk (or get a taxi) to Bakirkoy station (1 km, 10 min)

Only some of the HSTs depart from European side of Istanbul. If you want to take one of the others, take Marmaray to Sogutlucesme HST station (29 min)

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  1. I intend to travel with my family. 2. Adult. 3 childrwn. 4,7,8 years old.
    How can i go to konya from Istanbul airport.


  2. Hi, can I get a taxi from Istanbul airport to Söğütlüçeşme railway station? How long does it usually take? How much will that be? Thanks.


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