Fuar İzmir - İzmir Büyükşehir BelediyesiRailway Events

Eurasia Rail to open doors on 10th of April

How to get to fair?

There are several public transport solutions to fair.


There are free shuttles from airport and city center to fair:

Free shuttles to fair

Free shuttles from fair to airport and city center are only in the evening:

Free shuttles from fair

Public transport

There are 4 bus services from suburban train (Izban) and metro stations:

610: From Izban Semt Garaji station. Ever 40 minutes. 4 km from Fuar Izmir.

650: From Izmir Metro Fahrettin Altay station. Every hour. 11 km from Fuar Izmir.

630: From Halkapinar metro/Izban station. Every hour. 14 km from Fuar Izmir.

92: From Ucyol metro station. Every 45 minutes. 9 km from Fuar Izmir.

See timetables of the buses and bus stops at Eshot website.

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