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How about overnight HSTs?

Currently, high speed trains operate mornings, noon and evenings. So, what would be if there are any night trains?

Passenger demand has continued to increase since the opening of high speed trains in the light of travel time, speed, comfort, safety and reliability dynamics. Particularly, there is a considerable rising in travel demands for one-day trip, educational and business purposes. Increase in passenger demand enable to enhance demand for high speed trains with the opening of Marmaray rail system, Sögütlücesme and Bostancı stations. This case causes to need for additional trips. Why don’t we use a part of standing railway units in entire night as a solution method for the requirement of additional trips.

yht timetable

According to table, high speed trains are operating between 6:00 a.m-11:00 p.m. Analysing arriving time of earliest trains and departure time of the latest trains, it shows the earliest ones are Istanbul trains which arrive at 10:25 a.m and the latest ones are  Istanbul trains that depart at 7:15 p.m. Totally 7 hours remain for passenger who use these routes in case of calculating access time to main train station from city center as 45 minutes  in Ankara, Konya and Istanbul. This means you have 7 hours for example if you desire to participate any educational training and business meeting or to travel any city for one-day. Any person who use these routes tends to travel one day before and this situation causes to need for accommodation. The fundamental reason for this tendency is using time efficiently and decreasing travel costs. In this point, operating of night trains could increase passenger demand for high speed trains.

Trains whose departure time is 6 a.m can be operated with regulating average travel time 5-5.5 hours. At the first stage one or two trains can be started to operate especially in weekdays and departure and arrival time are reviewed according to passenger demand. Totally 17 hours can be provided for passenger who use these routes for aforementioned purposes with regulating the latest departure time as 12:30 a.m. and this case removes the need of accommodation in destination.

Advantages/benefits of night trains:

  • Cost & time friendly
  • No need for accommodation
  • Efficient use of train units and rail routes
  • Increase in usage of train stations by passengers and urban dwellers

Intercity coaches meet the passenger demand in night for these routes. Despite high ticket prices, decrease in quality of service and long travel time, passengers are compelled to use intercity coaches due to not having night high speed trains. Starting of night trains shift tendency of passenger demand from intercity coaches to high speed trains.

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