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Tulomsas unveiled another locomotive

Tulomsas unveiled the shunting diesel electric locomotive, DE 10000.

After recently introduced hybrid loco and new diesel engine, Tulomsas introduced DE 10000, the new diesel electric shunting loco in Eurasia Rail fair. The locomotive uses the engine and control systems which are both developed by Tulomsas R&D team.

The locomotive differs from older ones with collecting about 200 different data which are stored in digital format. With this, the driver is continuously being informed/warned, remote tracing is possible, problems/breakdowns and driving habits are recorded.

Power 750 kW
Speed80 km/h
Weight68 tons
Dimensions3000 x 13250 x 4385 mm

With attractive red livery, the locomotive is being displayed at Eurasia Rail fair until 12th of April.

Cover photo: Deniz Uysal ©

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