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Touristic Dogu Express tickets on sale

Divrigi and Sivas on return

On return, Touristic Dogu Express departs from Kars at 23:55. First long stop is Divrigi, arriving at 10:51. Train will stop there around 3 hours. In addititon to lunch, it’s possible to visit Divrigi Ulu Cami (mosque) and Darussifa which is in Unesco list.

Ulu Cami and Darussifa. Photo: Kultur Varliklari

After departure from Divrigi at 13:33, second long call is Bostankaya. Bostankaya is the temporary station for Sivas due to HST works at Sivas. There’ll be shuttles to Sivas from station. In 3.5 hours long stop, it’s possible to have a city tour. Buruciye Medrese, Sifaiye Medrese, Etnography Museum, Tashan and Gok Medrese are important historic buildings in the city. Historical Sivas train station also deserves to visit.

Sifaiye Medrese. Photo: IZEBSIDEF

Prices are still reasonable

Touristic Dogu Express fares are less than expected. Two passengers sharing the same cabin will pay TL 500 (around € 70) in total, doubling last sleeper fares of Dogu Express. If you want to buy the whole cabin by yourself, you need to pay TL 400 (around € 60).

It’s possible to get in/out the train at several stations on way, but fare is same whatever they are.

No couchette

The favorites of crowded groups, couchette does not exist in Touristic Dogu Express. Only chance for travelling to Kars at couchette is Dogu Express. Touristic Dogu Express has only sleepers.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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    • Because it doesnt operate on a Saturday…in either direction

  1. Dear Onur,

    I hope that you’re having a good week.

    Here are some photographs taken at yesterday evening’s launch of the ‘Turistik Doðu Ekspresi, which I though that you might find interesting.

    Best wishes




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