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The new touristic train routes of Turkey

As touristic version of Dogu Express will start on 29th of May, more touristic routes are on the table.

As the overnight trains have become popular, TCDDT and Ministry of Tourism is now working on new trains on similar routes, only with sleepers, only for tourism, non-subsidized, calling at much less stations for longer times.

As Burak Erdem Celik from Sabah reported, 5 more trains other than Dogu Express will start one after the other.

With touristic trains, tourism is expected to grow faster in departure/arrival/calling stations. With excursions on way, many attractions all around Anatolia will be accessed easily.

In the following pages, you’ll read route, details and attractions on way of these 6 trains.

What would be your favorite route?

However, the tourism train routes have to be designed all over again considering travelers’ interests, needs and habits.

Thus, after examining the 6 routes, we expect to get your own route, best of which to be presented at Rail Turkey for followers and officers.

Best suggestions will be determined according to following criterias:

  • Popularity of the departure point
  • Popularity of the arrival point, accommodation and alternative transport back from there
  • Stops and attractions on way
  • Total travel time and route of train during day
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  1. How about some connection to northern turkey. Would love to travel to Trabzon, Rize and Artvin to stay in highlands. Seems to that there is not much options to reach them rather than bus and minibuses.


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