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The new touristic train routes of Turkey

Kurtalan Express

Kurtalan Express is being changed to a perfect tour by a couple of travel companies. The beauty of the route has not been realized yet.

Diyarbakir-Batman region provides a perfect excursion by bus completing the train tour.

Kurtalan Express route

Here’s the scorecard of Kurtalan Express:

Departure point is good

Dogu Express is departing from Ankara. Ankara is in the popular touristic destinations of Turkey. But it has very strong transport connections with many regions in Turkey. Accommodation and shopping in city is very good.

Kurtalan Express. Photo: Kursat Kilic

Arrival point is not known

Kurtalan Express arrives at Kurtalan, not very well known town. Tourism train’s arrival point may be changed as either Diyarbakir or Batman. Diyarbakir has many alternative transportation solutions, 6 flights to Istanbul, 3 to Ankara everyday.

Excursion at arrival will be unforgettable

A stop at Nemrut will be good for this train.

But the connected excursion which will make this tour unique will be Hasankeyf-Mardin-Midyat-Dara. Diyarbakir will also attract gourmets.

Hasankeyf. Photo: Senol Demir CC BY 2.0c

Timetable should change

Currently train departs at noon and arrives at Malatya at midnight. For Nemrut visit, departure from Ankara should be later. By this way, the stretch between Malatya and Diyarbakir will be during day.

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  1. How about some connection to northern turkey. Would love to travel to Trabzon, Rize and Artvin to stay in highlands. Seems to that there is not much options to reach them rather than bus and minibuses.


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