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The new touristic train routes of Turkey

Dogu Express

New Dogu Express, Turkey’s most popular train, will start service on 29th of May.

After creating a huge tourism on NorthEast end of Turkey, new train may popularize some regions on way.

Dogu Express route

Here’s scorecard of Dogu Express:

Departure point is good

Dogu Express is departing from Ankara. Ankara is in the popular touristic destinations of Turkey. But it has very strong transport connections with many regions in Turkey. Accommodation and shopping in city is very good.

601 - Doğu Ekspresi Aşkale'de. Foto: Onur Uysal
Dogu Express at Askale. Photo: Onur Uysal

Arrival point is very good

Destination of the train is Kars. Kars has attractions like Cildir Lake, Ani Ruins and Sarikamis Ski Center. Accommodation is strong, 3 departures from Kars Airport to Istanbul.

Ani Ruins. Photo: Ggia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Excursions on way are not unveiled

Train will stop at Kemah and Erzurum on Eastbound, Divrigi and Bostankaya/Sivas on Westbound. There’s told to be an excursion to Karanlik Kanyon (Dark Canyon).

Route of train is unique

Travel time is 24 hours in standard train, 27 hours in new train. During day time, train is passing through deep valleys, canyons, mountains and rivers. Endless view especially under snow inspires travellers and photographers.

Timetable, fares and other details of Touristic Dogu Express

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  1. How about some connection to northern turkey. Would love to travel to Trabzon, Rize and Artvin to stay in highlands. Seems to that there is not much options to reach them rather than bus and minibuses.


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