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The new touristic train routes of Turkey

Pamukkale Express

Pamukkale Express is another touristic route crossing Central Anatolia. It used to depart from Istanbul once. New departure is from Eskisehir.

Pamukkale Express route

Here’s the scorecard of Pamukkale Express:

Departure point is excellent

Eskisehir is an excelent point for start. The Mayor has leaded a great change in this city with pedestrian-friendly streets, river crosing the city, parks, statues, old houses and lively city life. It deserves at least a day before travel. It’s very easy to reach to city from Istanbul, Ankara and Konya by HST.

Pamukkale Express. Photo: Onur Uysal

Route can be extended

Pamukkale Express arrives at Denizli, where Pamukkale, the travertines located nearby.

However, transport connections of the city is not very strong. Thus, it’s better to stop by, rather than ending the travel there. Selcuk/Efes is only 3 hours away. The travel may end at Izmir. Eskisehir-Pamukkale-Selcuk/Efes-Izmir route may be one of the best train routes wordwide.

Pamukkale. Photo: Denizli Governer

Interesting stops in Central Anatolia

In case train continues to run until Denizli, there are three attractions to stop by. Phrygia Valley, Aizanoi ruins and Salda Lake.

With current format daytime, with extended version overnight train

Timetable may be changed allowing more time for stops.

In case it’s extended to Izmir, departure from Eskisehir at night, visit to Pamukkale in the morning, traveling to Selcuk at noon, half day excursion at Ephesus and arrival at Izmir at night may be tiring, but surely amazing.

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  1. How about some connection to northern turkey. Would love to travel to Trabzon, Rize and Artvin to stay in highlands. Seems to that there is not much options to reach them rather than bus and minibuses.


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