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Logistic centers dissappoint

Logistic centers failed to meet the targets.

Half of the 21 logistics centers of TCDD has been opened so far. However, considerable number of them could not attract loads as much as planned.

The targets and handled amounts in 2018 of disappointing 5 logistic centers are as follows:

2023 targets and 2018 actualization of 5 logistic centers

Kahramanmaras Turkoglu with less than 3% actualization and Eskisehir Hasanbey with less than 4% actualization are at the bottom of the list.

In the first 3 months of 2019, negative results continue in these 5 centers, as reported by TCDDT.

To increase the traffic in this terminals, TCDD Tasimacilik announced a discount for the rail freight departing from/arriving at these terminals. According to new tariff, the transports will be charged down-scale after 150 km. This will mean 0.6-4 €/to discount.

Beside 5 centers above, there are 5 more logistic centers opened. The 2018 freight volumes of these centers are not declared, statuses are as below:

Istanbul Halkali

Halkali had been the main terminal for Turkey-Europe freight trains. Nothing changed in terms of services and amounts, after being a logistic center.

Izmit Kosekoy

This terminal was famous with Ford trains. It’s the closest-to-Istanbul rail freight terminal in Asian side. Bounded area and container storage area are added to terminal. Car and Kars-Tblisi-Baku trains to East are using this center. When connection to Europe was interrupted, traffic had dropped dramatically. Ferry has not been enough to compensate westbound traffic.

Samsun Gelemen

This center is not connected to national rail network over 3 years due to engineering works between Samsun and Kalin. It’s planned to open this year.

Mersin Yenice

Mersin Port has been using railway to extend its coverage area succesfully. Yenice is acting as back storage area of the port, as well as hosting Iran, Kazakhstan and Izmit trains. Development of center is promising.

Balikesir Gokkoy

Gokkoy Logistic Center is built next to industrial zone and has been hosting freight trains to Aegean ports. As not being in the “incentive list”, things seem go well in this center.

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