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Haydapasa vs Khalkedon dilemma

The ruins which were discovered during renewal of tracks at Haydarpasa train station seem to spread wider area.

While the passenger platforms and park tracks of Haydarpasa were being renewed, ruins of ancient port Khalkedon were discovered just under the surface. As archeologic works continue, it’s now understood that ruins were spread until next station, Ayrilik Cesmesi. According to article of Gokhan Karakas at Milliyet, the ruins spreaded to area of 300 decare belong to 4 different periods since AC 4.

Now it becomes a big question mark if and how railway will reach from Sogutlucesme to Haydarpasa due to ruins laying in between.

Thought it would be a unique experience to reach to Haydarpasa train station through an open-air museum, to be able to lay the tracks, some ruins have to be relocated if possible.

Although Sogutlucesme has already started to be used as main station in Asian side with its strong public transport connections, using Haydarpasa as train station is still the will of most of the people, as being one of the symbolic buildings of Istanbul. Furthermore, Sogutlucesme has only two lines for passenger trains, which cannot easily host more trains than today.

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  1. Would it not be fantastic if the mainline tracks could pass over the excavated ruins and you would be able to view them from above. Will probably cost a lot more but what a draw card!

  2. Alternatively, a brand new station could be made at Fenerbahçe.


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