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Record in rail freight

TCDD Tasimacilik hit the record of 2.77 million tons of freight in May.

After splitting from TCDD and started competing with private operators, TCDD Tasimacilik has continued to get positive results of its efforts.

After several years of stillness, TCDD Tasimacilik had succeeded in an increase of freight in its first year, and did not go down despite two private operators had taken over some regular loads in 2018. This year, in May, the company carried 2 million 767 thousand tons of freight, which shows that company will most probably hit the target of 30 million tons of freight by the end of this year.

Rail freight volume in Turkey 2000-2018 (000 tons)

Two private operators had already taken over a portion of two leading loads of railway, oil and iron ore, which made this record even more important. When the volumes of these two operators are taken into account (280k tons), the total rail freight volume reaches over 3 million tons in May.

Cover photo: Steve Hobson ©


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