1012 - Mars Bozuyuk trainRail Freight

Container trains head towards Asian side

As Marmaray tunnel is opened for freight trains, container services started from Asian side of Turkey one after the other.

For decades, container trains to Europe were limited with departures from European side, Halkali and Cerkezkoy. As freight trains are accepted to pass through Marmaray tunnel to cross between two continents, container trains start testing various terminals in Asian side.

In April, TCDD announced that all freight trains except ones carrying dangerous goods or oversize goods will be allowed to pass through Marmaray tunnel between two continents.

First commercial freight trains passed through Marmaray tunnel last October. First was the magnesit container train, departed from Cukurhisar heading Austria. Next was known worldwide, the long container train from Xian, China to Prague, Czech Republic. Since that time, Marmaray tunnel was used several times by trains carrying magnesit, rail etc to Europe. As TCDD announced officially end of ferry service and usage of Marmaray tunnel for freight in April, the container train services had started researches for Asian side.

In May, 3 new container trains in 3 different routes had departed from Asian side.

First was Bozuyuk-Duisburg train, organized by Mars Logistics. Train departed on 15th of May with 24 containers, carrying ceramic and white appliances. Mars plans to integrate this train with its departures from Halkali and run this train every 2 weeks. The train followed Bulgaria-Serbia-Hungary-Austria route and arrived at Duisburg terminal in one week.

Second train had departed from Arifiye, Adapazari heading to Sopron, Hungary on 21st of May. Train was a company train of Reysas, carrying mainly auto spare parts of 6 different companies, one of which was Toyota. Train moved with 36 containers. Traction was organized by TCDD Tasimacilik in Turkey, and by Rail Cargo in the rest of the stretch.

Third train had departed from Kosekoy, Izmit on 22nd of May. Train is organized by Rail Cargo, heading to Bilk Terminal of the company at Budapest. Kosekoy is also the main terminal of BTK train to Baku using Baku-Tbilisi-Kars raillway. Thus this new train will connect Europe to Caucasus, Central Asia and even China to Europe.

Cover photo: Mars Lojistik ©

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