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Cigli tram project at a glance

Construction contract for Cigli tram in Izmir was signed last week with contractor.

Izmir Cigli tram

A new tram line is going to be added to Izmir rail network: Cigli tram. Tender has been finalized, contract was signed last week. Here are some facts about the project:

Big help for Cigli traffic jam

Cigli tram line will connect Katip Celebi University, Ataturk industrial region and Cigli Hospital with Izban and Karsiyaka tram. By this way, the residents of north of Izmir Bay will start using both Izban which becomes the backbone of mass transit in Izmir and also Karsiyaka tram which has reached to high ridership.

Cigli tram route

Big part of the route will be double track and will follow central refuge of the streets. A 500-meters-long bridge will cross highway and be connected to Karsiyaka tram. The bridge will also be used by pedestrians and bicycles.

Tram will be commissioned in 2023

Project works started in 2017. After preliminary works and environmental analysis, tender was announced in November 2020. 6 offers were received, best of which is from Nurol Insaat with an amount of TL 414 mn (about € 50mn). Contract was signed last week with the company. Contract deadline is 2 years. Tram service is planned to start in 2023.

11 km, 15 stations

As this 11-km-long tram line with 15 stops commissioned, Izmir’s total tram network will reach to 33.6 km. Karsiyaka tram which was opened in 2017 and Konak tram which was opened in 2018 were used by 37 million passengers in 2019. Together with Cigli tram, ridership is expected to reach over 50 mn pax.

Cigli tram stops

Karsiyaka tram to connect to Izban

With this contract, the last 1-km part of the Karsiyaka tram will also be completed. Karsiyaka tram will be extended from Atasehir to Izban Mavisehir station. This part could not be completed due to property problems.

42 tram will be added to fleet

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has opened a tender for 42 tram cars, which will be used in Cigli tram line and also other two lines. The cars will be delivered in 27 months. 51% local production ratio is a must in the tender. The deadline for giving offers was 15 Oct 2020, then postponed to 4 Nov.

Cover photo: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ©

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